Tax Advice /Returns

These are two quite distinct disciplines, in that Advice can be seen to be much broader and includes issues like;

a. Non Residency/Residency
b. Capital Gains tax / Principal Residence
c. Claiming of Property related deductions
d. Planning for returning home to Australia
e. Numerous other issues

Tax return completion and lodgment may well include some of the above areas, but is also a specialist field in particular for Non Residents.

AES has a panel of Accountants in Australia that have significant experience in working with expats and Non Residents.

Accounting Services

Outside Tax advice, Tax returns, SMSF establishments and the like, it is quite common for expats to need Accounting Services to incorporate companies, trusts and other structures for investments and tax planning back in Australia.

AES has a recommended panel of Accountants who understand the expat world and hence how they can help you.

Our Tax and Accounting Partners


Note that specialist Accounting, Property, Mortgage and Foreign exchange services offered by our partners, Stoneturn, OFX, Hartley’s and LJ Hooker are via referral arrangement only. Australian Expatriate Services are not responsible for any advice/services provided by these Firms.