Property & Mortgages

If you are an Australian living overseas, it is likely your dream to own a house back home. Or perhaps an Australian investment property is on your list of to-dos so that you can set yourself up with a comfortable future.

Australian Expatriate Services (AES) has a panel of recommended real estate agents and buyer’s advocates who can help make your dreams a reality, but before you get to them, you need sound financial advice. That’s why we also have a team of outstanding Australian mortgage brokers positioned to help you achieve Australian financial goals while you obtain your international ones.

At AES, our recommended firms understand that you are an expat, so they tailor their knowledge to your circumstances.

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Our Property and Mortgage Partners


Note that specialist Accounting, Property, Mortgage and Foreign exchange services offered by our partners, Stoneturn, OFX, Hartley’s and LJ Hooker are via referral arrangement only. Australian Expatriate Services are not responsible for any advice/services provided by these Firms.