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At Australian Expatriate Services (AES), we specialise in providing solutions to the unique requirements of Australian non-residents via our Australian qualified Advisors.

We have been providing these services to expatriates for more than 25 years.


Client satisfaction and our reputation are absolutely integral parts of our business. We have been based in S.E.Asia & the Middle East for more than 25 years and throughout that period have established significant partnership with our clients. We are dedicated to helping clients through all stages of their financial lives ie moving offshore, residing offshore and returning home.


We appreciate that the key to providing high-quality advice is ensuring that the advice is tailored to our client’s specific situation and needs. We’re all different, with our own specific goals and objectives that we wish to achieve. We all have different attitudes to investment and risk, and we all have contrasting needs when it comes to how much risk insurance we need, or on how much we would like to retire with. By providing tailored advice to our clients we are able to develop a strategy that is the right fit for you.


Our main goal is to help Australian expatriates meet their financial and lifestyle goals and protect their families. But we also work hard to provide you peace of mind. Regular reviews of your financial plans are conducted as an integral part of AES’s service, ensuring your financial plan is up-to-date and matches your current and future financial needs.

More than 60,000 Australians leave our shores every year to live overseas for 12 months or more, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Whether you are lured by the opportunity to advance your career, build wealth, take advantage of low-tax jurisdictions or simply seek a new adventure, there are major financial considerations before leaving, while living abroad and upon returning to Australia.

AES is here to assist you manage and navigate these issues and opportunities. Click here to schedule an appointment with one of our Financial Advisers today.



Life insurance in Australia: The January 2014 KPMG/Financial Services Council report into underinsurance found that:

  • The highest levels of underinsurance were for men and women aged between 45-64.
  • This group held between 74%–83% less than the adequate amount of insurance for their situation.
  • The 18–29- and 30–44-year age groups displayed similar levels of underinsurance with each other, holding about 50% of the adequate amount of insurance for their situations.


Cameron Knox
B.Comm, Dip FP., SA Fin, ASA

Cameron has been providing financial services advice to Australian expatriates throughout the Middle East & Far East for over 25 years. He is an Associate of the Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants (ASA), Senior Associate of Financial Services Institute of Australasia and Affiliate of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Craig Holding
B. Comm (Finance and Marketing), Dip FP, CISI UAE Rules and Regulations.

After working in the Australian market with one of the big four Australian banks, Craig made a decision to move to the offshore market and currently runs a team of expat advisers in Dubai, UAE.

Darren Casson

Darren is a Director of AES and heads Administration, Operations and Compliance. With 20 years experience in Financial Services, including positions at Adelaide Bank (Leveraged Equities) Sydney, Coutts Private Bank London (International Private Banking) and now over 10 years with AES, he is a core member of our team.