Full Superannuation services including

  1. Review of existing Superannuation policies
    a. Appropriate levels of contributions to achieve goals
    b. Investment Strategies
    c. Joint or Individual planning
    d. Consolidation/rollovers
  2. Provision of newer, cheaper more efficient structures.
  3. Rollover & Consolidation evaluation
  4. Location of missing Superannuation accounts
  5. Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)
    a. Review
    b. Establishment
    c. Investment Mandates
    d. Resident/Non Resident Trustee consideration
  6. Provision of Australian Domestic Insurance (Global Coverage) via Superannuation, normally at a significant premium reduction.

Our Superannuation Partners



The specialist tax and accounting services as well as mortgage solutions offered by our partners, Stoneturn & Pinnacle Group, are via referral only. Note that these Firms are not authorised by NEO Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and therefore NEO Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and Australian Expatriate Services are not responsible for the advice/services provided by these Firms.