Australian Equities

Given that Non Residents for Australian tax generally do not pay Capital Gains Tax on gains made on Australia equities, these are a very tax effective and efficient mechanism to create wealth.

We can help build portfolios via;

  1. Nominated Full Service Stock Brokers ie Hartleys in Perth for time zone efficiency
  2. Self Managed Accounts (SMA) via various platforms like BT, Macquarie, MLC etc.
  3. Funds via all the major fund houses and investment platforms.

Click here to read more about John R Goodlad from Hartleys; an experienced Investment Advisor who specialises in assisting Australian and International clients manage their wealth.

Global Portfolios

We can provide / create Global Portfolios both offshore and onshore, including via Superannuation.

Given that the market capitalization of the Australian Stock market is less than 2% of the worlds’ stock markets value, diversification needs to be more than just Aussie Banks and Miners!

We also have access to the only AUD offshore Multi Manager, Multi Asset Class Fund ((Harmony AUD Growth) which could be said to be the best of both worlds, ie a blend of Global and Australian investments, within an AUD framework.

Our Investment Partners



The specialist tax and accounting services as well as mortgage solutions offered by our partners, Stoneturn & Pinnacle Group, are via referral only. Note that these Firms are not authorised by NEO Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and therefore NEO Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and Australian Expatriate Services are not responsible for the advice/services provided by these Firms.