Property & Mortgages

Every Aussie has their dream home, holiday home and Investment Property in the back of their minds whilst they work offshore.

AES has a panel of recommended Real Estate Agents and buyers’ advocates that can make those dreams a reality.

Having said that, one of the most important elements of the property purchase process is that of getting your finance (mortgage) in place prior to making the final decision re where and what to buy.

AES has a panel of recommended Banks, Financial Institutions and Mortgage brokers to make this process as easy as possible.

A great differentiator here is that our recommended firms understand that you are an expat and all that this entails re documentation etc.

Our Property and Mortgage Partners



The specialist tax and accounting services as well as mortgage solutions offered by our partners, Stoneturn & Pinnacle Group, are via referral only. Note that these Firms are not authorised by NEO Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and therefore NEO Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and Australian Expatriate Services are not responsible for the advice/services provided by these Firms.